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Bareaya Safety Razor - Gold

Bareaya Safety Razor - Gold

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Our razors are designed to be minimalist yet beautifully efficient. Totally plastic-free, they are kind to your skin and kind to the planet. Stainless steel blades are recyclable. A curved blade, with minimal exposure and sitting close to the razor head, to offer a low aggressiveness level – while still maintaining the efficiency. Finely chiseled handle to give you a good grip while you shave in your shower.

A closed comb to ensure a good guard against cuts and an easy glide on your skin. A heavy weight and perfect balance so you only have to let it glide on your skin. A thinner, elegant design.

With its single blade, our safety razor glides on your skin and provides a close shave without the classic pull-and-tug irritations. Bye ingrown hairs!

Tired of buying over-priced razors? You’ll love to see how much you will save on the long run with our reusable shaver.

Country of Origin: France

Format: 1 shaver

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