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Creating awareness with beach clean ups

Once you participate in one of our beach clean-ups in Hong Kong, you won’t think the same about single-use plastics and plastic pollution. The plastic that we collect only a very small part is recycled, as there is no effective recycling system in Hong Kong, but it will no longer litter our shorelines, wash out to the sea, and damage the marine ecosystem.

Around 50 /100 volunteers attend our bi-monthly beach clean-ups, which are open to the general public, and is an easy way for people in Hong Kong to do something about the plastic pollution in the beautiful natural environment that they love. Ultimately, we hope to inspire people to change their plastic consumption patterns and lifestyles.

We have already collected around 70000 kg of plastic and packaging waste in beaches around Hong Kong. We have engaged at least 5000 people through these clean ups. And finally, we donate our own materials,time,support to these volunteers and activities, such as gloves ,bags made out of compo-stable corn, tools and accessories . We coordinate with the FEHD and Clean Shorelines Department in Hong Kong to organize these activities and also advocate for the local government to take more serious actions towards the reduction of plastic pollution on Hong Kong’s shorelines.

If you want to join us in preventing plastic waste from entering our oceans and littering our beaches, please join here.

Participate to our event and help us to clean our seas from pollution

Supporting communities in Cameroon

We have decided to support an association who we personally know in Cameroon, since 2000, called the Dominican Sisters of Blessed Imelda. They are coordinating different activities for young people in rural Cameroon, such as a summer camp, sustainable farming activities, and also supporting 15 young women in rural Cameroon with some schooling, housing, and other extracurricular activities.

Below, you can find more information about the association and a table of their estimated expenses.

Building a sustainable supply chain

We choose our suppliers carefully and are proud to support a supply chain that also minimizes plastic at every step of the process. We have around 20 suppliers, from China, Italy, US, Chile, Hong Kong and Vietnam. Some still rely on plastic packaging and products, but we have influenced them to be more sustainable in their producing, packaging and shipping materials, many times using our own products, such as our pallet belt, paper tape, compostable bags, and more.

By choosing Beyond Plastic, you are also supporting a more sustainable supply chain, as we are growing the demand for sustainable materials and influencing suppliers to become more sustainable in their manufacturing and shipping practices.

You can support our activities by purchase our product or donate by clicking on the link nearby.