HK$400 起免費送貨 HK | 500 港元新台幣 600 港元
HK$400 起免費送貨 HK | 500 港元新台幣 600 港元
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Urban Lid Orange
Beyond Plastic

Urban Lid Orange

定價 HK$49.00 HK$49.00 單價

The orange lid is the classic color of our Urban Bottle. All Urban Bottles used to have orange lids, and then slowly turned to the current black. In order to retain the most classic design, the Steel color system of the Urban series still uses an orange cover🧡

Compatible with all Urban Bottle lightweight water bottles.

Features Remarks
- BPA Free with Silicone O-rings
- Stainless Steel Lid Top
- Fits Urban Bottles in All Volumes

: Ø 4.2 cm
Bottle Mouth: Ø 3.2 cm
Height: 3.4 cm
Weight: 14 g