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Aluminum Travel Case
Aluminum Travel Case
Beyond Plastic

Aluminum Travel Case

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Very light weight - Perfect for travel, gym bags or any scenario where you need your soap and shampoo bar with you.

Made from aluminum meaning it will not rust. Very resistant to corrosion. 100% recyclable

This versatile box consists of three parts. The drip tray detaches for use in the shower and its design allows water to flow away from your bars and air to circulate, so your bars stay dry between uses, keep their shape and last longer.

The dimensions are as follows; Length = 101.1mm, Width = 69.8mm and Height = 36.17mm.

On the move: simply open the box and place your bar(s) in the box and close.

In the shower: Open the box and remove the perforated part.

Country of Origin: France

Format: 1 travel case

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